How to restart lxd

I’m studying lxd and many things seem to go wrong. From time to time I want to start fresh and the only way I know how is to reinstall the whole system.

Is there any way to start lxd fresh again? And by fresh I mean to remove everything that lxd has currently set up and have it all set up again.

sudo snap remove lxd --purge

Note: You may also need to cleanup any externally created storage pool resources (such as ZFS pools).

If I have an lxd cluster set up, do I need to remove anything or will the network ubuntu fan interfaces be removed as well?

Fan interfaces will get removed. Are you removing all cluster members?

I actually just nuked all cluster members. Networks were removed.

I only created storage pools inside lxd. Are they gone?

Loop file storage pools are deleted on snap purge.

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