How to set a disk size for lxd 3 containers using CEPH backend?

Hi guys,
I’m in trouble using lxd cluster with ceph backend. All container created comes with only 7Gb of disk space. My ceph configuration is using 3 nodes and I have around 500 Gb in ceph cluster. I want for exemple to allocate 100 Gb to a specific container and 50 to another.
I tried to go with rbd tool, but any time I tried to create an rbd volume I have these messages:
1.# rbd create lxdpool/lxd_lxdpool --size 32000
2. 2019-09-11 12:49:06.558 7f7da93e1b40 -1 librbd: rbd image lxd_lxd already exists
lxdpool is the pool name I want to give to my lxd init conf

Just set the size property on the root device for your containers.

lxc config device override NAME root size=50GB
followed by lxc restart NAME should normally do the trick.

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Thanks very much @stgraber it works fine !