How to use 10Gb back-end network to transfer container and image when use with front-end network?

I just added a news 10 GB network to my server !

Hi is there a way to do all the lxd copy using a 10Gb back end network instead of the front end network.

Client network   -------------1Gb ------------- FRONT END
             lxdbr0 -->  |               |  <--- lxdbr0
                    +-------+        +------+
                    |  srv1 |         | srv2 |
                    +-------+        +------+
                        |                |
Backup Network ---------- 10Gb--------------- BACK END

I have finally found a solution:

Just added a second remote host with diff ip and name to both server that point to the 10Gb nic !

on srv-2 ( ip )
lxc remote add srv1-BACKEND

on srv-1 ( ip )
lxc remote add srv2-BACKEND

Et Voila !!! :slight_smile:

snapshot and copy your container
lxc snapshot c1
lxc copy c1/snap0 srv2-BACKEND:c1

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