Howto autostart unprivileged container at bootup?

Hi all,
I fail to autostart (at bootup) an unprivileged container (LXC) of an unprivileged user.
(The container works fine if started after ssh-login to that user.)
I have searched the internet and found a lot of suggested solutions. But either they do not work with my setup, or they seem to be a very dirty hack, or I have concerns regarding security (I want lxc for isolating a server).

My question to the experts of LXC:
Is it even possible without drawbacks in functionality and security?
What is the preferred way to do that?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

My Setup:
LXC 2.0.7 running on debian stretch on armhf hardware.
Container-image: debian buster

I myself am resorting to very dirt hacks and solutions that degrade security and I hope to get any help with that at some point in time.

What is suggested for allowing regular users that don’t have sudo access to own containers and control containers? Right now only people with sudo as root access are allowed to use lxc. Is there any suggested workaround that doens’t involve escalating to root user?