Howto migrate from LXC to LXD on same host

Hi all,

I just updated my Ubuntu 16.04 VPS with LXC to 18.04. So far so good. I ran the lxc-update-config and everything is working as it should be. My next step is that i would like to upgrade LXC to LXD, and i would like to use the same host.

Is it possible to run LXC and LXD alongside on the same host, and then run the lxc-to-lxd script to migrate everything over to LXD?

Hi Michael,

I think that you can run LXC and LXD alongside, and migrate at will the containers one by one.
I have not used that tool ( though.
I am saying that you can migrate while both LXC and LXD co-exist because that would be reasonable.
You can wait for someone else to reply authoritatively, or launch a VM (you can use multipass or something similar) and test. Personally, I would do the test anyway to make sure I understand how the migration works, even if I am told that both LXC and LXD can be running at the same time.

Hi Simos,

I will try to setup a new VM with LXC. Then create a container and then install LXD om the same host. I will test the migration on the same host :slight_smile: