Image copy from images:ubuntu/focal/cloud got 503 Service Unavailable

Does anyone hit that error recently?

lxc image copy images:ubuntu/focal/cloud local: --alias oem-focal --vm

Error: Failed getting image: Failed parsing stream: Unable to fetch 503 Service Unavailable

Yes, 503 error

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The main image index server is currently down and will be back online ASAP, but the regional mirrors are up so you an add them as a remote directly, e.g.:

lxc remote add imagesuk --protocol=simplestreams
lxc remote add imagesus --protocol=simplestreams

Then you can use them instead, e.g.

lxc launch imagesuk:ubuntu/focal c1

The official Ubuntu image mirrors are also available to use, e.g.

lxc launch ubuntu:20.04 c1

Seems to be working again now.

Yeah, service is back online, we had a bit of a weird situation with redundant distributed storage not being so redundant when something goes weirdly wrong…