Image created with lxc 3.0.3, bzip2 will work on lxc 2.1.1?

Appreciate any respone:
I have my lxc image created and compressed with bzip2 using lxc version (3.0.3). The question is will
my image can be imported on lxc version(2.1.1) ?
I am using ubuntu 18.04 on raspberry pi 4. My client seems to have lxc version 2.1.1.
Also how do I downgrade to lxc 2.1.1 from lxc 3.0.3 ?

You may need to update the config for any key which got renamed in 3.0.0.

Note that 2.1.1 is not supported at all, so you really should find a way to get that system onto something that’s supported (2.0.11, 3.0.4 or 4.0.1).

Thank you, the version 2.0.11 is a older than 2.1.1 ? what would you recommend the oldest version that they can go ?

2.0.11 is older than 2.1.1 but unlike 2.1.1, it is a supported (security-only) version.

You should obviously try to run as recent as possible on the target device.
LXC supports very old kernels so there’s rarely a reason not to upgrade to the latest LTS.

Thank you, much appreciate.

Sorry to to ask you again,
if I need to install 2.0.11 on my ubuntu 18.04, what would be my steps

  1. I followed on your other post response for clean up of existing version, so I am good with that ( How to remove LXD from my system). i did a clean of lxc 3.0.3
  2. add-apt-repository << which one to add>>
  3. will this work ?
    apt install lxd=2.0.11
    apt install lxd-client=2.0.11


No, also you’re mixing up LXD and LXC there.
Based on the versions you’re mentioning, you’re working with LXC, not LXD.

There is no package of older versions of LXC for newer distros, your best bet may be to just run an Ubuntu 16.04 VM which would come with LXC 2.0.11.

Thank you very much.

I need to try to make it work for lxc 2.1.1
So, I tried ubuntu 16.04 on raspberry pi 4, it did not boot. May be this will work on Pi3.
In the meantime, i did a clean of lxd on my existing ubuntu 18.04.

  1. got the lxc-2.1.1.tar.gz
  2. did : ./configure, make && sudo make install , installation looks went fine on Pi4
    But , when I launch a command : lxc-start --version , I am getting this error below ??
    lxc-start: symbol lookup error: lxc-start: undefined symbol: lxc_arguments_parse ??

Looks like, i can install lxc-2.0.11 . But why is lxc-start --version is showing as 3.0.3 ??
Appreciate any inputs and response.

Also, I am able to download a container, but when I start using lxc-start -n mycont, I see is always in STOPPED state ?
I am not able to see any log.