Increase storage size for containers

Hi guys,

I have been using lxc containers for quite a long time, but a rarely need to manage them, usually, just do start/stop/list. So I pretty much like a newbie. I see o lot of explanation on zfs, profiles, pools, storage, but I am not being able to compile all this information together. I need to increase my containers disk space.

My containers have about 23GB when I check df -h from inside a container:

ubuntu@localstorageserver:~$ df -h
Filesystem                             Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
default/containers/localstorageserver   23G  1.9G   21G   9% /
none                                   492K  4.0K  488K   1% /dev
tmpfs                                  100K     0  100K   0% /dev/lxd
tmpfs                                  100K     0  100K   0% /dev/.lxd-mounts
tmpfs                                   32G     0   32G   0% /dev/shm
tmpfs                                   13G  216K   13G   1% /run
tmpfs                                  5.0M     0  5.0M   0% /run/lock
tmpfs                                  6.3G   16K  6.3G   1% /run/user/1000

And I understand such conatiners were created using the default profile that was configured during lxc init:

ubuntu@dev24-vm:~$ lxc storage info default
  description: ""
  driver: zfs
  name: default
  space used: 7.11GiB
  total space: 28.58GiB
used by:
  - 2e1e06db4f0a16090139689f1942499d453bab5fa7e3382e790ca08288147097
  - backend
  - configurationserver
  - frontend
  - localstorageserver
  - maestroserver
  - mentorserver
  - messagebroker
  - recorderserver
  - remotecluster
  - timeserver
  - default

So my questions are:

  1. Does all my containers share those total space: 28.58GiB, or each container has its own total space: 28.58GiB?

  2. How do I increase space in such condition?

PS: My host partition that hold the containers is about 400GB and just 8% used.

Answering 1), each container gets its own total space: 28.58GiB.

But how a increase space for a specific container? My lxc/lxd version is 5.21.1 LTS