Incus group error

I wanted to try out incus as I beleve in this project!
I have been playing around for a bit to see differences from LXD.
Exported containers from LXD and imported in incus, works perfect!!
Must say that I like what I see!!

My setup:

  • Debian bookworm
  • Installed incus from zabbly stable repo

As I read the doc and if I do not get it wrong, there are two different groups.
If you add group incus-admin to your user, that user has “root” rights in incus and that works really well.
The problem is when I add a user to the incus group, as I understand it you get your own project and you are just able to manage your own containers, similar to LXD snap (snap set lxd …)
I add incus group to my user (logout and login) and run command:

incus list 

I get the error:
Error: Get “http://unix.socket/1.0?project=user-1000”: read unix @->/var/lib/incus/unix.socket.user: read: connection reset by peer

If I list the projects I can see that a user project has been created: user-1000
The socket look like this:

srw-rw---- 1 root incus 0 okt 10 16:11 /var/lib/incus/unix.socket.user

I can not figure out why I get connection reset.
I would really appreciate if this functionality starts to work as I think it is a great feature and I will for sure use it in production.

I understand if you do not have the time to figure this one out now, at least there is info that there is something going wrong here.

Thanks for all your great work!!

There’s a bug in incus-user which has been corrected yesterday. I’ll cherry-pick the fix into the stable package today.

The package has now been updated, updating your system should fix it.

Thanks for the effort!
An update did not do it, it still did not work.
I made a new installation and then it worked great!!

I have now been testing around in incus all the features we use in production,
and they all work great!
Creating/deleting containers, local IP, exposed IP (macvlan),
creating/deleting snapshots,
client connected to other server (was a bit unclear in doc with the new setup with certs),
copy containers between different servers.

Thanks for all the hard work!!