Installing LXD 4.0 on same host than LXC


I took over a server with proxmox/lxc installed a long time ago and this one went never updated accordingly.

Having only one server/host, I ask myself if it is possible to have both installed/running on the same host and what would be the recommendation regarding that.

Would the migration tool lxc-to-lxd work?

Before jumping into tests and potentially crash the server, I dare to ask here before.

Sincerely yours,

Running both should work just fine. Moving them over with lxc-to-lxd will probably work though it’s not something I’ve ever tried personally.

lxc-to-lxd supports --lxcpath to specify where the containers are stored (traditionally /var/lib/lxc but I suspect proxmox uses a different path).

Installed LXD this morning, seems okay (at least LXC continues to run normally :)).

lxc network list

gives me all network existing and configured with old LXC which is great.

Regarding the resource pool, I would like to use the same one than LXC.
What should be the parameters of lxc storage create to use the existing one?

As the existing LXC uses the whole SSD disk as resource pool, I have no other choice.


You can probably use a directory from whatever they’ve setup. Create an empty directory and then use lxc storage create default dir source=/path/to/empty/dir