Installing LXD on a firewall appliance running Ubuntu Server (Firewalla)

Hi Everyone,

I’ve asked the team over at Firewalla about using LXD instead of Docker, and I’ve also asked them about how their application uses the Ubuntu network stack so that I can configure LXD to avoid interfering with their setup. The objective is to setup a LXD container that sits directly on the L2 network without any DNS, DNSMASQ or NAT - basically just another network device that can be managed by the Firewalla application sitting on the host.

LXD as alternative to Docker on Firewalla:

How does Firewalla do networking on their FWG appliance:

And another on Reddit where Firewalla did a poll of LXD vs Docker (it just proved that people don’t know about LXD):

They haven’t responded to the network question so I thought to ask here if there might be a way to ensure LXD just presents itself to their established network setup without interfering with it.

Firewalla has guidance on their website linking to a third party scripted Docker installation of a Ubiquiti Unifi Network application instance and it seems that it uses the standard Docker Bridge mode:

I think that if I configure a Linux Bridge Adapter it will wreck their implementation, and I need the Firewalla application on the LXD host to see the LXD container instance as just another device on the Ubiquiti management VLAN.

Any thoughts on how I could get this happening without breaking the Firewalla appliance (it is a Firewalla Gold). Cheers, Nick.

Hello Nick Walton. Welcome back!

LXD is no longer a Linux Containers project, you need to contact Canonical for support.

Ok, thanks Paulo. Would Incus be viable to use at this stage?

If so, how would I solve the problem with Incus, whereby the container tech could be installed and attached to the Firewalla network stack without altering it? Cheers, Nick

Stephane Graber can provide a better explanation, but Incus isn’t currently viable for use at this stage.

A lot of work is currently underway to create the first usable version.

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Good luck with Incus :pray:

Looking foreword to using Incus.

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