Internal vs. external management of bulk storage


I’m just starting to play with LXD. And already got my first containers up, yaiy!

So far I have assigned an LVM thin-pool with a few gigabytes exclusively to LXD. This works great to create and delete containers in a quick and space efficient way. Now I’m wondering how to best integrate the rest, the majority of storage available which I would dedicate to data storage.

I’m a little hesitant to assign it all to the LXD managed thin-pool. Because I’m not sure I will want to use it exclusively for LXD containers in the future.

Therefore I’m curious how other people usually do it. Should I just assign it all to the same LVM thin-pool and if the need might arise later, export it again via an NFS-server from a container for instance? Even though if only used host-local?

Or should I better create a new LVM thin-pool for bulk storage and create and assign volumes to LXC containers via the ‘disk’ type manually?

(For the latter I had run into the issue of not knowing how to set mount options. E.g. a ‘discard’ would be really nice for a thinly provisioned volume.)

Cheers, T_X