Is it possible to override the list of bindMounts setup by LXD at container startup?

I’m having a problem where lxd is applying the following bindMounts to all containers at startup, however on CentOS 5 containers, most of these mounts don’t work, and when stopping a CentOS 5 container, the mounts on the host end up going read only, requiring a reboot of the host to rectify.

In container_lxc.go I see that the following mounts are setup for ALL containers:

    bindMounts := []string{

Is there anyway to override this on a container-by-container basis? This is on LXD 3.11 and 3.13. I had logged however I’m realizing the issue isn’t with LXCFS, but with LXD instead. But more details can be found there.

Thanks in advance!


Actually, never mind. The problem was in the halt script on centos 5. I removed the section that was blindly unmounting stuff, and stopping a centos 5 container no longer causes host mounts to go read only.