Is there a way to do the equivalent of a 'lxc import <filename>' using pylxd?

I’m running lxd 4.3 and just getting to grips with pylxd is there a way to do the equivalent of a lxc import from pylxd?

There is a way todo every lxc command via the API (as “all” (give or take) lxc does is access the API) , try adding --debug to the lxc something command to see what happens behind the scenes!

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IIRC that particular one is a direct push of the file to /1.0/instances

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debug of lxc doesn’t show its doing anything :frowning:

Yes looking at other comments and the file format… The export appears to be a backup…

So would I assume that once the tar file is unpacked into the backup area it can be restored via LXD REST commands?