Is there any way to define a "global" remote?


Is there any way to define a remote that is independent of any specific user on the machine? We are running an operation with multiple users all pulling from a server providing custom images, and having to define the custom remote individually for each separate user is not ideal.

If no such functionality exists, is it planned at least? If not, I would like to formally request it.


Nope, remotes are very much stored per user and it’s a completely client side concept so it’s not something we could have the daemon keep track of even if we wanted to :slight_smile:

It should still be possible to have some sort of global counterpart to the ~/.config/lxc/config.yml config in /etc, no? Something like /etc/lxc/config.yml, maybe?

Many other client programs do this: for example, the SSH client has per-user configuration in ~/.ssh/config and global configuration in /etc/ssh/ssh_config. Would something similar not be feasible for the LXD client?

Possibly, though the snap is quite constrained as to where it can read files, so it’d probably be something burried under /var/snap/lxd/common or something.

That would be fine. As long as such a global configuration file exists, I don’t really mind where it is. But it’s very difficult to define organization-specific remotes without the ability to write to some kind of global configuration file like that.