Keep restored zfs container filesystem unmounted after reboot

I’m running a container disaster recovery of a sample container named ‘foo’ by ‘lxd import’ with the following instructions:

# create restore target filesystem
zfs create tank/containers/foo
# set default mount point
zfs set mountpoint=/var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/tank/containers/foo tank/containers/foo
# restore container from backup
rsync -azHAX -e 'ssh -oStrictHostKeyChecking=no' --numeric-ids /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/tank/containers/foo/
# align permissions
chmod 711 /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/tank/containers/foo
chown root.root /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/tank/containers/foo
# run import
lxd import foo
# remove mount of container
umount tank/containers/foo
lxc start foo

After a reboot of the lxd host the umount’ed filesystem tank/containers/foo is re-mounted at /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/tank/containers/foo again --> in what way does lxd block the auto-mounting of directly lxd-created container filesystems in ZFS ?

LXD sets noauto to true on the dataset.

Great, thank you!

zfs set canmount=noauto tank/containers/foo