List of remotes differs per user

Hi! I’ve successfully added a remote to my LXD node and can download published images from it. I’ve added the remote using a non-root account.

When I access the root account, I don’t see the remote I’ve added in the list when I run lxc remote list.

I’ve installed LXD using snap. Does anyone know why the list with remotes differs per user?

That’s normal, remotes are a CLI concept, not a server side concept.
So every user who has their own command line config will also have their own set of remotes.

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Whoa, that was an almost instant reply. Thanks for the explanation!


Then another quick question. Is it somehow possible to make the remotes globally available? I’m creating a new container through Ansible and I think this is the reason why it can’t see the remote I’ve added.

The location of any custom remotes is the per-user file at ~/snap/lxd/current/.config/lxc/config.yml (~/.config/lxc/config.yml if you use the deb package of LXD).

For your Ansible case, you would want to use the Ansible way of specifying the sources of the container images. See source at

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Thanks! At first, I didn’t want to use the Ansible module since it’s not maintained by their core development team (and I don’t like to depend on third-party modules), but I’ll give it a shot. :slight_smile: