Live Migration support for LXD 3.01

Three node LXD 3.01 cluster setup in AWS environment on Ubuntu 16.04 using fan bridge. Three LXCs launched and distributed across the three nodes. In attempt to make a live migration of a LXC, I receive the following message:

$> lxc move first first-1 --target prod-b2
Error: Failed container creation: Error transferring container data: migration pre-dump failed
(00.013562) Warn (criu/autofs.c:77): Failed to find pipe_ino option (old kernel?)

Any guidance on how to resolve this issue with CRIU?

You can look at /var/log/lxd/first (or /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/logs/first/), there should be some CRIU log files in there (dump, migrate and restore or something along those lines) which will contain more detail on what CRIU did and what happened.

The explanation usually simply is that something in the container isn’t supported by CRIU, it can be some devices, socket types, in-flight network data, … CRIU needs to know about all kernel structures, then have a mechanism to extract their data and re-create the structure on the target system, so there are unfortunately a lot of things which it can’t yet handle.

I attempted lxc snapshot first --stateful which yields that same CRIU error. See attached log for the snapshot. Anything that stands out? I would have added this to the issue I have opened on the forum but I could only find upload for images, not text files. Thanks.

@stgraber sent you the logs from a lxc snapshot first --stateful that yields the same error for CRIU via email. Anything that stands out? Thanks.