Live storage volume resize error

Hi, I just found an unexpected error message.

lxc storage volume set dataStorage dataVolume size 3000000000 Error: Running quota resize not supported
I’m pretty sure I’ve already done it without any problems, I’m wrong?

The storage is lvm xfs without thinpool, lxc 4.8.


Is the disk attached to a running instance, and is this a grow or shrink operation?


Hi Tom,
the disk is attached to a instance (container) and I’m trying to grow it.

So I think what you’re hitting here is the improved detection of custom volumes that are being used by running instances which was added in LXD 4.8.

Each storage driver has a RunningQuotaResize property which indicates if it supports in-use resizing.
Of all the storage drivers only ceph and lvm have the property set to RunningQuotaResize=false. This hasn’t changed, but what has changed is the code path that more thoroughly detects instances using custom volumes.

This is because they are block device backed volumes and don’t themselves have their own filesystem. This means that some filesystem resize operations require the volume to be unmounted before being resized and if the volume was in use then this would impact the instances using them (or the resize would fail because it was in use).

However the RunningQuotaResize true/false property is rather coarse and does not fully reflect what is truly possible, for example most filesystems on block devices can be grown when online without impacting the existing mounts.

To address this we already have an active case to remove the coarse grained true/false online resize property and replace it with something more subtle that allows online growth when possible.

This is being tracked here:

Ok, thank you. I will follow the issue.
Meanwhile I think there is not else to do than stop the instance, grow the disk and boot again the container, right?

Yes that will work for now. I will have a think about how we can better handle this.

Just an FYI this PR fixes the issue you have been experiencing and allows live growing of custom filesystem volumes for ceph and lvm.

Hi, thank you very much.
These changes will not be available before version 4.9, right?

I would think these should get cherry-picked into 4.8 early next week similar to