LXC 3.04 release schedule?

When should we expect next LXC 3.04 release ? I see stable 3.0 has no new news commits since last 2 months.


We’re about to tag 4.0, so 3.0.4 will likely come out some time after that.

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LXC 4.0 LTS !!? That’s awesome.

Yeah, we release LTS versions of LXC, LXCFS and LXD usually a month or so ahead of Ubuntu releasing its own LTS release, so we’re due for another round soon :slight_smile:

Is there a tentative date for LXC 4.0 release ? I need to upgrade lxc in openembedded. Currently meta-virt jumped directly from 3.02 to 3.21. So, would like to upgrade it to LTS asap .

We’re hoping for the week of the 2nd of March, but there may be delays as often happens.