Lxc-clone command syntax!


I have created new lxc container to be spawned under /newdir/lxc and need to clone it to new name , but lxc-clone command doesn’t work as expected even after stop the Mylxc2020 container.

[root@server3 ~]# lxc-clone -o Mylxc2020 -n newlxc2020 -P /newdir/lxc

Error: container Mylxc2020 is not defined

[root@server3 ~]#

by the way I also used

lxc-info -n Mylxc2020 -P /newdir/lxc

instead of

lxc-ls --fancy which is not showing me the status after running it , why ??

wish to hear your reply on my inquires , thank you!

Thanks Guys, it’s simple mistaken while I was run the commands , it has been resolved.