Lxc config device add unix-block?

1、lxc config device add ins-10dbb56d0fd54a0a8dfd1511e9c4b94a ss unix-block source=/dev/sdd1
2、lxc exec ins-10dbb56d0fd54a0a8dfd1511e9c4b94a bash

4、Why is it mounted to /dev/mapper/klas-root directory after loading, and other directories cannot be mounted in the container?

Is this a VM or container?

Oh its a container, I see from the / mount source.

You are not able to mount filesystems on block devices inside an unprivileged container (the kernel doesn’t allow it because its unsafe).

Are you trying to share a filesystem on the block device with the container?

Yeah, I have added privilege mode. How to share the file system?

Probably the easiest way is to mount the filesystem on the host and then share it into the container using a disk device, e.g.

lxc config device add <instance> mydisk disk source=/source/mount/point path=/target/mount/point

Thanks. The current file system is zfs. can I add unix-block devices directly?