LXC Container Autoscaling


Am looking for something autoscaling in LXC container ,not sure if this is currently offered by LXC.

Autoscale the containers based on load(Memory,CPU utils) ,i mean resource utils.

Is this something doable ?

Thanks in advance!

Currently you could write a script to scale based on memory but CPU load information isn’t exported via LXD.

You can get LXCFS to correctly calculate the CPU load avg but again its still not exported VIA LXD.

Its important this information is exported via LXD so remote programs can watch and scale as appropriate but the cost would be that less containers can be spawned because of correctly calculating CPU load avgs,

In LXDMosaic (self promo, i write the software) I have put together “deployments” which I plan on adding a scaling feature to once they make exporting the CPU stats possible.

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