LXC Container bridge mode not working as expected

Hi, been using LXD / LXC via debian for some time now, all good… but I’ve recently opted to try having the base OS as “openmediavault”, which provides a debian based OS, or instructions on how to add it to a clean debian.

I choose to create a host bridge (linked to host adapter) and have the containers use this to pick up a DHCP from my LAN.

This has always worked on a clean debian / ubuntu and also works with openmediavault, if I choose their OS / iso install.

However, I prefer the debian base / post install… (bridge create in same way), however, if I do this, whilst LXD / LXC can see the interface and it’s present in the container, it fails to pick up a lease “unless” I grant that container “privelledges” (which I don’t usually have to do).

Has anyone else seen such behaviour? It’s like the bridge has permissions or something.