LXC Containers and Cuttlefish Devices: Port Already in Use Error

I’m running Cuttlefish devices (Android emulator) within LXC containers, and when I try to launch a new device while another device (container) is already running, I encounter the following error:

Port 7100 Bind failed (Address already in use)
Check failed: result.ok() Received `false`
Address already in use
  at device/google/cuttlefish/host/commands/run_cvd/launch_streamer.cpp:128
  in virtual Result<void> cuttlefish::(anonymous namespace)::StreamerSockets::ResultSetup()
  for CF_EXPECT(touch_socket->IsOpen())
Setup failed for StreamerSockets
  at device/google/cuttlefish/host/libs/config/feature.cpp:57
  in static Result<void> cuttlefish::SetupFeature::RunSetup(const std::vector<SetupFeature *> &)
  for CF_EXPECT(feature->ResultSetup())
Received error
  at device/google/cuttlefish/host/commands/run_cvd/main.cc:208
  in Result<void> cuttlefish::RunCvdMain(int, char **)
  for CF_EXPECT(SetupFeature::RunSetup(features))
launch_cvd E 05-14 16:00:13   583   583 subprocess.cpp:160] Subprocess 826 was interrupted by a signal: 6
launch_cvd E 05-14 16:00:13   583   583 main.cc:271] run_cvd returned -1

I thought LXC containers were supposed to be isolated from each other. What could be causing this issue?

maybe some sockets are shared or something ( have no idea what I'm talking about))

Reason was using same vsock address by several VMs

Setting vsock_id for each VM fixed the issue:

lxc config set {} volatile.vsock_id={}