Lxc copy image fails, but copying containers just works fine?

I have an image with alias “dhcp” and want to copy it to another LXD (2.16) host.

The result is:
lxc image copy dhcp lxd2: --alias=dhcp
error: Failed remote image download:

The is the local host from where I issued the command and lxd2 is the remote host.

When I try to copy a container all works fine (lxc copy dhcp lxd2:dhcp)

Copying an image from the ubuntu repo (like lxc image copy ubuntu:x local: --alias=x) works fine.

So it puzzles me why I can transfer containers (also profiles) from one host to the other, but no images?
Both hosts also have the package criu nstalled (updated ubuntu 16.04.2)

Is the image private? If so, it’s a known bug which I’ve fixed in git very recently.

I’ve linked a fixed build of the “lxc” tool in that pull request comments.

Looks like it indeed. On one LXD host I copied it from the ubuntu:x repo and than it becomes a private image I see (which I tried to copy over to the other host).
I’ll await the LXD update to test again. Thanks for the feedback. Apparently I just missed the issue on git…