Lxc import failes

Hi All,

I need a litle help. i removed a container and want to import a backup of this container. However i am getting an error.

Error: Failed importing backup: The instance “ex02” seems to exist on multiple storage pools

i removed the container name in this directory

how can i import the container again?

It’s more likely to be a database conflict, can you make sure it’s not listed in lxc list or the like?

lxc list is not showing the conatiner anymore

can we somehow remove the databse conflict? and how can this be done?

i just checked the database. the ex02 is gone. so i can not find anything with this name and it still fails a import

hmm strange i can create a new contianer with the same name. but the import wont work?

wat can be the issue?

can i extract the image and copy it manualy to a newly created container?

Can you check under /var/snap/lxd/common/mntns/var/snap/lxd/storage-pools/ ?

The error suggests there may be entries under multiple pools there.

I could not find any refererce of the container. i removed evertything and still would not import the backup file.

I just removed lxd completly and imported al containers again. now it worked.