Lxc import missing symlink

i made a quick backup for my lxd containers, using xz or gz, but when importing them, i notice missing Warning: The /etc/products.d/baseproduct symlink is dangling or missing!
fixing it is easy, but is there way to not have it happen in the first place?

So to clarify, you made a backup of a container using lxc export and when re-importing it with lxc import, a sylink was missing?

Exactly that. Image opensuae.15.1.amd64

What version of LXD?


@monstermunchkin can you try to reproduce and track this down?

I’m able to reproduce this issue. It happens in the export function, but I’ll see where exactly it comes from.

I was able to track it down. When creating the backup tarball, we pass --transform "s,^./,backup/," which breaks the above mentioned symlink as its target is ./openSUSE.prod.

This should fix it:

Good job, how long tell this get published to snap or other packages vendor?

We cherry-pick all bugfixes 2-3 times a week. The last batch was done today, so I’d expect this to go live late tomorrow or at some point on Wednesday.

Worth noting that I’m the one usually handling this and I’m off this week, so expect slightly longer delays than usual :slight_smile:

Appreciate transparency, many thanks.