LXC master: Legacy Config Items Have Been Removed

Hey everyone,

We’ve been making good progress on the way to 3.0 for all affected projects under the LXC umbrella. One of the more invasive steps we have undertaken yesterday is to remove the support for all legacy configuration items from the LXC master branch. We have announced this back when LXC 2.1 was released: https://linuxcontainers.org/lxc/news/#lxc-21-release-announcement-5th-of-september-2017
Below, you will find a list of configuration items that have been removed and their equivalent new
configuration items. Note that LXC ships an upgrade script

    lxc-update-config -h|--help [-c|--config]

which can be used to update a legacy config to a new config. The script will make a backup of the old config with the extension *.backup in the same directory where the old config resides. In case of a failed update the legacy config can easily be restored.

Legacy Key (removed from LXC master) New Key
lxc.aa_profile lxc.apparmor.profile
lxc.aa_allow_incomplete lxc.apparmor.allow_incomplete
lxc.console lxc.console.path
lxc.devttydir lxc.tty.dir
lxc.haltsignal lxc.signal.halt
lxc.id_map lxc.idmap
lxc.init_cmd lxc.init.cmd
lxc.init_gid lxc.init.gid
lxc.init_uid lxc.init.uid
lxc.limit lxc.prlimit
lxc.logfile lxc.log.file
lxc.loglevel lxc.log.level
lxc.mount lxc.mount.fstab
lxc.network lxc.net
lxc.network. lxc.net.[i].
lxc.network.flags lxc.net.[i].flags
lxc.network.hwaddr lxc.net.[i].hwaddr
lxc.network.ipv4 lxc.net.[i].ipv4.address
lxc.network.ipv4.gateway lxc.net.[i].ipv4.gateway
lxc.network.ipv6 lxc.net.[i].ipv6.address
lxc.network.ipv6.gateway lxc.net.[i].ipv6.gateway
lxc.network.link lxc.net.[i].link
lxc.network.macvlan.mode lxc.net.[i].macvlan.mode
lxc.network.mtu lxc.net.[i].mtu
lxc.network.name lxc.net.[i].name
lxc.network.script.down lxc.net.[i].script.down
lxc.network.script.up lxc.net.[i].script.up
lxc.network.type lxc.net.[i].type
lxc.network.veth.pair lxc.net.[i].veth.pair
lxc.network.vlan.id lxc.net.[i].vlan.id
lxc.pts lxc.pty.max
lxc.rebootsignal lxc.signal.reboot
lxc.rootfs lxc.rootfs.path
lxc.se_context lxc.selinux.context
lxc.seccomp lxc.seccomp.profile
lxc.stopsignal lxc.signal.stop
lxc.syslog lxc.log.syslog
lxc.tty lxc.tty.max
lxc.utsname lxc.uts.name