"lxc move" container to a different storage pool on another server

I can move my container without any problem from one node to another over a zfs storage.
However, I cannot do this with a storage change at the same time.
Do I missed something ?

root@dev-lxd1:~# lxc info ct-ubuntu | grep Location && lxc config device show ct-ubuntu | grep pool
Location: dev-lxd3
pool: my-data2

root@dev-lxd1:~# lxc move ct-ubuntu ct-ubuntu-TMP --target dev-lxd2 --storage local

root@dev-lxd1:~# lxc info ct-ubuntu-TMP | grep Location && lxc config device show ct-ubuntu-TMP | grep pool
Location: dev-lxd2
pool: my-data2

result should be …

Location: dev-lxd2
pool: local