Lxc storage size and resize. How?

The internet searches I get are to do with lxd.
I run lxc.
What is the default storgae you get with new lxc container?
How do I create a new lxc container with sudo lxc-create -t download -n newcontainer that has at least 20GB storage?
Can I resize the storage of an existing container?
Thank you

LXC usually doesn’t really have one storage volume per container, it’s just all shared storage on the host’s filesystem, so you get to use as much disk space as is left in /var/lib/lxc

Is there anything that puts a limit on that folder?
I am asking because I got an error saying No space left on device
Is it possible I get the above error because my /dev/sda1 is a boot partition with 28G and that partition has run out of space??

thakn you

Look at df -h /var/lib/lxc to see how much space you have for containers.
LXC does not put limits in place.

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