LXC to LXD migration CentOS7

Problem: The “lxc list” command does not return containers though there are in my PC.
OS: CentOS 7
Install guide
I have installed the LXC software “bundle” out of CentOS’s/EPEL’s repository. I set it up, added containers and lived with it for a year or so. Yesterday I installed LXD according to a guide published on a link included above, issued “lxc list” but no container list got returned in the output. The “lxc config show” command returns an empty “config {}” string.
It looks to me as if there were two separate LXC worlds for if I issue “lxc-ls” I get a filled containers list…
I am confused now.
Please advice.

Yes, LXC and LXD are different, containers created through the C tools of LXC (lxc-*) aren’t LXD containers and so will not show up in the LXD API or in its CLI.