Lxc-user-nic config settings (rootless docker)


I’ve been looking into rootless docker using (rootlesskit), which makes use of the lxc-net & lxc-user-nic. I am trying to provide config settings for the network to set both:

lxc.net.0.veth.pair = veth-name
lxc.net.0.hwaddr = 00:16:3e:fe:d7:f0


The path of the container. This is currently not used.

I have tried creating a lxc.conf in multiple different places, and nothing seems to work.

I guess the simplest command you can run to reproduce is:

/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/lxc/lxc-user-nic create /dev/null container 1 veth lxcbr0 eth0

You also need to set up /etc/lxc/lxc-usernet :

root veth lxcbr0 100

Thanks in advance for any guidance.