LXD-3.12 - lxc copy fails - no such host

Running LXD-3.12 on both source + target machines.

Works - lxc list remote:
Works - lxc start remote:cname
Works - lxc stop remote:cname

Fails - lxc copy local:cname remote:cname
Error: Failed container creation: Error transferring container data: lookup : no such host

In the past when has occurred, the command…

lxc config set core.https_address ":8443"

Issued on both machines has fixed the problem. This seems to no longer be the fix.

Likely I’m doing something wrong, as it’s been a while since I copied containers.

Let me know likely things to fix/try + data to return.


Yeah, that usually means that the target server couldn’t connect back to the source through the address which was provided to it. You can always try using --mode=push to reverse the direction of the transfer or even --mode=relay which will pretty much always work but have the CLI act as a relay between the two servers.


Both --mode=push + --mode=relay work, so I’ll just add this to my list to try in the future.