LXD 4.23 fork proxy's are active around after the instance that used them is been --force deleted

I’ve a python (plxd) script which spins up a new instance, then on success deletes the previous version and then sets up new proxies to the services.

What I’m finding is that even though the previous instance is deleted a fork proxy process is left active and I can’t activate a new proxy on the new instance until I kill it. I work around the problem by removing the proxies on the original instance first before deleting it.

Now is this something connected to using pylxd that doesn’t occur with the lxc toolset or is it a known issue with LXD?. Orperhaps a side effect of lxd delete --force ?

Please can you log your reproducer steps here https://github.com/lxc/lxd/issues


I’ll have a go at making a simple reproducible case when I have the time…

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This looks related, was that your post?

Yes thats mine… Though it does the same thing without --force I’ve discovered…