LXD bridge IP without dnsmasq?

Is it possible to have LXD give the bridge a static IP address but have dnsmasq disabled? I currently set ipv4.address=none to disable dnsmasq (i know no other way) but that also removes the bridge IP that disables traffic completely (and i try to keep manual intervention (ip addr add) to a minimum here).

Btw… is it possible to disable the bridge completely and just have one NIC per container?

For now i did this:

lxc network detach-profile lxdbr0 default
lxc network delete lxdbr0
ip link add dev lxdbr0 type bridge
ip addr add broadcast dev lxdbr0
ip link set lxdbr0 up
lxc network attach lxdbr0 alpine eth0

The bridge that LXD creates for you, is created for convenience when you run lxd init.
You can choose not to create a bridge.

Regarding your question about one NIC per container, see

and specifically the part that says:

LXD supports different kind of network devices:

physical: Straight physical device passthrough from the host. 
          The targeted device will vanish from the host 
          and appear in the container.

Therefore, you can assign a NIC to each container.

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Thanks, will try that.