Lxd-bridge LXD_DOMAIN field usage

I’m using the LXD LTS release (2.0.10), and I’m wondering if it’s OK to change the LXD_DOMAIN entry in /etc/default/lxd-bridge to an internal domain? I want to set up containers to resolve my own internal network names; changing LXD_DOMAIN from “lxd” to “<internaldomain>” works, but I not sure if that has any unintended side effects.

If there’s a problem with dropping the lxd name, is there a way to configure resolv.conf to search both ‘lxd’ and internal network DNS entries?

Changing LXD_DOMAIN on LXD 2.0.10 should be fine for what you want.

With more recent LXD releases (2.3 and higher I believe) doing the equivalent (dns.domain config key) would have some side effects as dnsmasq auto-generates records in that domain, in which case you’d want to set dns.mode to disabled, getting you the same behavior as you have in the 2.0.x releases.