LXD Cluster in Amazon EC2

Hello, I am trying to create an LXD cluster in 2 or multiple instances of Amazon EC2;

The Amazon EC2 instances are in the same VPC, and to connect the containers I use VXlan tunnels(I tryied with fan also );

It is working when I try to ping two containers created in the same Instance;
When I try to ping to 2 containers in 2 different instances of EC2 it is not working;
I think the problem is that Amazon is filtering multicast Address;
Have you ever tried to create an lxd cluster in Amazon EC2?
What can be an easy fix?


@stgraber might be able to help, as his more familiar with fan (which in theory should pretty much work on EC2, as that’s actually its typical use case).

Unfortunately I don’t have any experience with EC2 having mostly tested the VPC stuff with Google Compute.

I know that the Fan is supposed to work with VPC on EC2 and should normally avoid the whole MAC filtering issue by using unicast VXLAN for the tunnels.

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Ok, I will try again with Fan

It is working, thank you!