LXD Cluster load-sharing recommendations

I’ve been a user of LXD for over a year now. However in a very specific way and I’d like to export using them to support more traditional incoming network/microservices traffic.

In terms of a LXD cluster running a clone of a service of a micro service what are the recommendations for load-sharing and redundancy for incoming network connections.

Historicyly I would use A proxy haproxy,nginx etc. to provide load-sharing and redundancy for them but I’d like to explore and LXD methods which people might have.

I’ve done a few web searches and I can’t see any support for the LXD proxies nothing obvious has come up.

How do you do it and what do you recommend ?

haproxy is currently the way to go as we don’t have native load balancing in LXD yet.

In the future, we expect that environments using OVN for distributed networking in the cluster will be able to use a native load-balancer inside OVN. This would be more reliable and incur less latency than running haproxy but would also be far less flexible and wouldn’t be able to perform things like service monitoring, TLS termination, …