Lxd-compose and vmware - use case1

Hey here, I want to share here the first article of a long list (I hope) that describe the different possibilities about using LXD technology and lxd-compose tool in a Production environment.

Just to share from the begin that the object of these articles is try to share how much is powerful the LXD technology and how could be used in different use cases. This doesn’t mean that the exposed use cases are the right for all people. Different clients have different requirements so I hope that what I wrote will help someone.

At the moment lxd-compose doesn’t support yet the VM over LXD and it wants as first mission try to get the best from the containers world before begin with the VMs. But it’s something that will be supported in the next releases of course.

The target of the article is try to share a way to delivery services with the same idea of the Kata Container but over Vmware+LXD.

Good read:

Thanks to LXD team for get this possible.

– geaaru

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This is the second article that describe how could be expose a service over a standalone instance that deploy multiple containers:


– geaaru

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