LXD consuming resources even though I wasn't running it?

My SSD was thrashing and I was running Firefox, Mailspring, and Discord. Since the latter two are Electron-based this was fairly heavy but also fairly normal for me. I had to kill some of those processes occasionally but the SSD still kept thrashing and the computer kept not responding. Eventually I restarted the computer and now it seems to be working for me.

What confused me though was the LXD was taking around 70% CPU (according to top) and I’m pretty sure I didn’t start LXD up for anything (plus top thought it was taking up quite a bit of memory), what could it have been doing and how can I find out if it happens again (or are there any logs I can get to discover what happened last time)? :slight_smile:

$ snap info lxd
tracking:  stable
installed:       3.0.0       (6643) 56MB -
$ snap version
snap    2.32.5
snapd   2.32.5
series  16
ubuntu  17.10
kernel  4.13.0-38-generic
$ snap info core
tracking:  beta
installed:   16-2.32.5                (4486) 90MB core

If it happens again, running lxc monitor is usually a good bet.
It will show all internal events including debug level logging.

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