Lxd container fails to start and lxc list connection refuses

when i execute this command in terminal systemctl start lxd-containers.service
i get this err msg

Job for lxd-containers.service failed because the control process exited 
with error code. See "systemctl status lxd-containers.service" 
and "journalctl -xe" for details.

can anyone help me to find solution.

On trying this command : sudo lxc list
Connection refused; is LXD running.


First of all, the lxc commands do not need to run with sudo. In some configurations you can get Connection refused simply because you use sudo.

If you have a non-root account like myaccount, you can set up this account to access LXD and perform all the tasks as user myaccount.
To verify, run groups myaccount and in the output it should say lxd (that you are a member of the lxd group). If your non-root account is not a member of lxd, then add with sudo adduser myaccount lxd. Then, log out and log in again to take effect.

Finally, run the two commands that it says in the error message and post the results in a reply here.
The error messages should give a hint as to what is going on.

Looks like the daemon is a bit unhappy, can you show:

  • journalctl -u lxd-containers
  • journalctl -u lxd

It’d also be useful to know what LXD version you’re running.

For me it’s the same issue
for above commands it’s showing “no entries”