LXD edge snap channel, downgrade to stable channel

Hello all. I have come to realize that snap is tracking the edge channel of LXD (lxd --version = 3.18).

After a refreshing the snap channel, LXD would no longer start.
snap refresh lxd --channel=3.18/stable

There was an error in the logs regarding the fact that my database schema version was 20 instead of 18. Am I permanently stuck on edge now, or is there a reliable way to move back to the stable channel. I’m OK waiting for the 3.19 release if I need to, but I just want to make sure I have a plan in place for getting back to stable.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


LXD 3.19 is expected to come out on https://github.com/lxc/lxd/milestone/86 (12 Dec). Indeed, if you can wait, you can switch back at that point and start tracking again the stable channel.

It might be possible to manually edit the DB to report as the previous version. You would need to figure out if the schema actually changed between the two versions. A developer may give a hint here.

Thanks @simos, that makes sense. I think I will just wait the 9 days and switch channels to 3.19/stable then.