LXD Failed to set invocation ID on control group

Hi, i keep getting this error/warning when i check systemctl status WHAT_EVER
WHAT_EVER.service: Failed to set invocation ID on control group /system.slice/WHAT_EVER.service, ignoring: Operation not permitted
lxd 3.23
host opensuse
container opensuse
please advice, what does it indicate? is it harmful, how to fix it?
Thank you.

@brauner that’s not our usual devices cgroup warning, any idea what that one is about?

Invocation IDs are identifiers for an instance of a service. You can find them under /run/systemd/units/. They used to be set as cgroupfs xattrs but since that required too much privilege and was dependent on kernel version systemd moved to the symlink model. The errors are fine. Everytime systemd moves on and doesn’t freeze an error message can likely be ignored (rule of thumb). What systemd version is this with opensuse? This should be a debug message in all recent systemds.

opensuse version 15.1 on both host and container.

systemctl --version
systemd 234

is there a way not to have it in first place? a conf/tweak that needs to be made?
also, can this issue be related, i do not seem to be able not seeing this, with ufw/firewalld, on generally most of the images.