LXD-Gtk-Indicator - handy tool for you desktop containers (self-promo)


Recently I created simple python/gtk app that makes containers like more “clickable” :slight_smile:
It was born after discussion about “I quickly need to check status/ip address” as alternative to stuff it all into custom conky config.
It WAS NOT intended to be yet-another-lxd -management-gui.

Basically it is system try indicator that :

  • shows status of all LXD containers
  • allow to start/stop instance
  • spawn terminal w/ shell on specific container
  • show network configuration (w/ click-to-copy IP feature)
  • listen on event from LXD (‘lifecycle’ type) and reload status


Przechwycenie obrazu ekranu_2021-08-21_18-34-30

I’m open for any comments & suggestions.


Ah, that looks very good!