LXD GUI progress

There was a brief mention of work on the LXD GUI in one of the recent release videos and of course there is the git to follow. It seems like you’ll be launching something in the next few months. I’ve had a hunt around and I’m not quite clear what the overall project aims to deliver and what features are your MVP?

Perhaps it would also be interesting for users to feedback on the progress at some point without having to install the whole dev environment to run it. Would you consider building a trial instance the same way you can try out LXD itself and solicit some feedback if you’d find that beneficial?

It’s too early for this at this stage.

We’re currently just working on what’s needed for both the UI and the LXD team itself to pay around with it and figure out the initial round of blocking issues.

Once we’re happy that the basics are functional, we plan on coming back here with instructions so some of our more adventurous users can give it a try.

We’re currently very much in an experimental stage where our web developers are trying out a number of ideas and getting a feel for what’s possible while a full design of the user experience is being done.

This will take a while as we want to make sure that we have something that makes sense both for a completely new user on their laptop as well as for a large shared cluster environment.

OK, makes sense. In the meantime there are some pretty good community offerings of course.

Recognising that MAAS and LXD are distinctly separate but allied projects that benefit and support each other, one ask I have is it would be nice to have some consistency between the two respective UXes, both in terms of style and in terminology.