LXD Image Creation?

So there is a mini-Ubuntu for 16.04 that I would like to try for containers. It can be found here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD But there is no LXD image for it.

I’ve seen the procedure for creating images, but I am not understanding it very well.

How do images get into the official image list? And can someone create the image and include it on the official image list?



That link you referred to is the mini.iso bootable image for Ubuntu which only includes the text installer (debian-installer) and isn’t a working Ubuntu system at all.

It doesn’t make any sense to run this inside a container as that image is meant to install a full Ubuntu machine (host) and isn’t a usable system by itself.

But it is a usable Ubuntu for me! It just defaults to a bare minimum needed. I installed it on a VM and just installed the Ubuntu Server and SSH. I have only one use for the container, so I only need the app I will install, nginx and SSH. Make sense?

Oh and it comes with LXD v2.0.11
I updated it to 2.21.

This image isn’t suitable for a container, it contains a kernel, an installer, a partitioner, … none of those work inside a container.

If you want something close to the result of a minimal install, use images:ubuntu/16.04.

Thanks Stéphane. Guess I’ll stick with 16.04.