LXD/LXC 3.0 Manual


I have upgraded one of my server installs from 16.04 to 18.04, so I am now using LXC 3.0. Lots of new features, many of which look useful and interesting. Can someone point me to an online manual or blog or anything that explains the LXC 3 (new) features (e.g. with examples)?

Thanks you. :slight_smile:

how about https://linuxcontainers.org/lxd/news/
Have to admit that I have not found anything of great interest in 3.0 myself, but it’s a personal thing (if you are into clusters it’s a different matter of course). I have used physical to container utility, it works but it’s not a joy to use - the documentation is seriously thin and you have to tinker quite a bit with the container once it’s done.
The thing I like with 3 is only available from 3.8 and it means using snap lxd (at least with ubuntu): lxc export. Very easy backup of containers, that’s what justifies the upgrade for me…

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If you are using the apt version of LXD I’d recommend thinking about using the SNAP version onstead as eventually SNAP LXD will be it for the future.

Snap also allows simple update/rollback of LXD versions.

Yes, I would move into Snap now. I have 4 stuck servers now. I think that deb development is dead. I believe their update process will go better using SNAP.

Thanks. I was getting excited about storage options, hoping to create additional zpools and using them for different applicaions - SSD zpool for containers that need speed, HDD for those that need storage, for example. Maybe I have to wait…

It seems that 3.2 was the version allowing to copy containers from a storage to another. So under Ubuntu you have to use snap for that. I’d say that if your thing is storage snap lxd is a must under Ubuntu.

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