LXD macvlan vs bridge performance

(Nik S Firefly) #1

Host Ubuntu 18.04
which option to share containers via LXD id better in terms of performance
macvlan or bridge ?



There are some old benchmarks (Linux 3.14) that compare bridge and macvlan when used in KVM, https://events.static.linuxfound.org/sites/events/files/slides/LinuxConJapan2014_makita_0.pdf
I think that an educated guess is that you get noticeable throughput difference when you go well over 1GbE.
In addition, macvlan should have much lower CPU usage than bridge.

(Nik S Firefly) #3

noticeable lower CPU??


The paper says 25% lower CPU load, when on 10GbE and under netperf (more intensive workload than standard stuff?).