Lxd-migrate of Ubuntu 22.04 Desktop KVM VM to LXD container (not LXD VM)

@stgraber I have been trying to develop a procedure to use lxd-migrate to move a kvm VM to a LXD Container (not a lxd vm). The lxd-migrate works fine, but the resulting container has networking and systemd problems. I developed an appropriate netplan for the container. However, the container never seems to complete bootup properly.

Also, networkd doesn’t seem to start. I can manually enable and start networkd and resolved:

systemctl start systemd-networkd.service
systemctl start systemd-resolved.service

I have also reinstalled network-manager since the migrated instance is a desktop. It runs for awhile and I can sometimes get sshd to work, but not for long and after the container is rebooted, there seem to be networkd problems. I also have rdp loaded, but it won’t allow connections.

Also, the /run/nologin file sticks around telling me that bootup is not complete. The /etc/fstab file contains mounts for root and the efi partition which doesn’t seem right. I tried commenting them out, but that just hangs the container.

Is there something I have to do post-migration? The original VM is Ubuntu 22.04 desktop.